Level 1 (Year 7)

This program is presented in a power point format and provides information on human development before birth. There is also information about the physical and emotional changes experienced during puberty. It aims to instill an appreciation of the human person as a unique and valuable individual who develops at his or her own pace. The program presents the importance of a support network providing resources that can assist in the transition into adulthood. It raises an understanding of how different aspects of sexuality and the community that a person grows up in can impact development and relationships. Students are encouraged to consider that their sexuality is more than the physical and emotional changes experienced during development. Sexuality is presented as a significant component of self that requires integrity, nurturing and protecting; promoting a greater awareness and the importance of respect toward self and others.

  1. To explore the journey of human development before birth, the transition through puberty and defining human sexuality.
  2. To appreciate uniqueness and value as individuals and support students in recognizing the characteristics of a healthy self-esteem and its importance in development.
  3. To assist students in identifying ways of maintaining effective communication with responsible and trusting adults in their support network.
  4. To encourage students to consider that their sexuality is a significant component of self to respect and protect.


Student Responses

“Learning about how a baby develops and grows in the body”

“It was a very educational program that gave me a lot of things to think about”

“That it is ok to be different to others because we are important the way we are”

“I thought today’s talk was very well presented. It covered many areas and was told in a respectful and well mannered way”

“How fast our bodies change and how special our bodies are; and that we need to respect them”

“It was excellent; the slide show covered it all”

“I liked everything, I liked learning about pregnancy, we did a puberty program at school but didn’t talk as into it as today”

“Adults have been through puberty too and understand”