Level 2 (Year 8)

This program focuses on friendships. A story is presented in comic form that tells of a young couple drifting into a sexual relationship and of their struggles with the consequences and presenting issues. Students participate in discussion surrounding the questions addressed in the story. This offers an opportunity to explore issues such as effective communication, influencing pressures and expectations within relationships. There is exploration of key character qualities within friendships and students are asked to identify the likely steps that move from friendship to a more serious relationship. They are introduced to a decision making model which encourages young people to consider their options and how establishing healthy boundaries may protect their emotional and physical health. Informed decision making is presented as a way of minimizing or preventing the possible risks. Students have the opportunity to create their own ‘friendship person’/ ‘doll’ using different colored strands of wool representing key character qualities central to healthy relationships.

  1. To explore the qualities reflected in healthy friendships.
  2. To identify and discuss relevant sexual health and relationship issues such as influencing pressures, expectations and communication within relationships, contraception and STI’s.
  3. Students are provided with relevant information and an opportunity to reflect on how making an informed decision before becoming sexually active may protect their emotional and physical health.
  4. To encourage students to seek adequate information from reliable adult sources before they make important decisions.


Student Responses

“I thought today’s session was very good because we did lots of different activities”
“I thought it was great, the topics they presented and the situations they introduced helped greatly to teach their lesson”
“I found the comic they gave us at the start was interesting because of the depth of what the teenagers were going through”
“It was awesome, great information and well presented and fun”
“This session has helped me lots with all my relationships and friends. It has helped me to understand the things that happen if you take the wrong road in a relationship”
“I liked the comic and writing about the perfect man. My favorite part was making the dolls”
“I am not having sexual intercourse till I am a lot older and I will value it and look for the right guy”
“Brilliant activities”