Level 3 (Year 9 or 10)

A narrative of a couple’s journey and the development of their relationship is presented with a series of sketches. Within small groups students are encouraged to reflect on their own life goals and attitudes regarding sexual intimacy. The program explores the possible consequences if a decision to be sexual active is made. A ‘relationship puzzle’ defining and determining the essence of true love is used as a means of assisting students to best develop a non-sexual relationship. Through the small group discussions, relevant information is presented for consideration to promote a greater insight into sexual health and relationships. Discussion may include areas such as effective communication, the importance of establishing mutual consent and respect, awareness of the damaging effects of pornography and dangers of an abusive relationship.

  1. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their own attitudes regarding sexual intimacy and the possible consequences life style choices and decisions may have on his or her future.
  2. To present being sexually active as a responsibility and encourage students to implement strategies into his or her own life that may reduce the possible consequences.
  3. To explore the many facets of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and provide relevant information for consideration promoting a greater insight into sexual health and relationships.
  4. To encourage students to seek adequate and correct information from reliable sources before making important decisions.


Students Responses

“It was really helpful and just what I need at the moment”

“It has shown me the steps to making good decisions”

“I found it interesting and fun. It was good to be able to think about who you would go to for help if you got pregnant.”

“I thought it was very good, very informative and also very helpful”

“It has made me realise that before making possible life changing experiences you should think before you act”

“It was really eye opening and I enjoyed talking about what makes up a good relationship”

“It has made me think about the best timing for sexual relationships and the outcomes”

“I thought it was really great, I really liked the different activities we did”

“I think it was really informative and if I needed help or info I would go to ESPOD”

“I found interesting all the qualities that are involved in developing a good relationship”