Managing the emotions

Managing the emotions that may develop following an abortion

There is help for people who are experiencing post-abortion difficulties. In our recovery program, we counsel and support people managing the problems that affect them following an abortion. We talk about the abortion experience or the parts of it that she believes are causing her problems and this allows the difficult feelings to surface in a safe environment.

Once the woman becomes conscious of what is troubling her we examine what she thinks and how she feels about those issues and how this relates to her own set of values, experiences and self-concept. The woman works with her counsellor to identify the aspects of her thoughts and feelings that move her forward and which ones keep her stuck. We then concentrate on new ways of thinking and feeling and develop strategies together to manage her difficulties.

If you, or a woman you know, is having difficulties after a pregnancy termination she may like to see the post-abortion recovery counsellor at Espod Geelong Inc.