The Possible Effects of Pornography

As you read this short eBook, you will discover that regardless of background – parent, grandparent, aunty, uncle, community worker, health professional, educator, technology guru, government leader, follower or influencer, we all have a mandate to address the issue of children and young people accessing pornography. It truly is the public health crisis of the digital age.

This information is primarily targeted at parents of teens. However, we know that developing children race towards adolescence so regardless of your child’s age, you will gain helpful strategies. If you are not a parent, you will discover why this is a social justice and public health issue, and learn the importance of responding proactively.

This eBook will leave you wanting more. As Director of Health Education for Culture Reframed, I’m pleased to say lots more is available through the Culture Reframed Parents Program.

Please be advised, these pages discuss explicit content and may be offensive to some people. Divided into 4 sections, this eBook explores:

  1. Pulling back the covers on porn
  2. Being proactive to counteract porn culture
  3. Conversations on the home front
  4. Helpful Resources and Website Links

Parenting one click ahead of porn is no easy feat. At times, raising teens can feel incredibly isolating, so the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ has never been more important in our digitally connected world. It is my hope that this resource provides invaluable insight into why it’s so important that you, and everyone you know who love young people, become part of a global movement to counteract porn culture.

Regards, Liz Walker
Sexuality Educator, Speaker and Author
Director of Health Education, Culture Reframed
Chair of eChildhood
Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project

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